What causes pain across the top of the foot?

Our feet carry us everywhere. We use them to walk, run, dance, stand, and jump—so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we might experience pain across the top of the foot. For Scottsdale families, pain can be normal after a tough go at sports practice, at the gym, or from walking down Old Town Scottsdale. When our feet start to feel achy and tender and everyday activities become painful, these can be signs that we need specialized care. You can try home remedies to ease the pain and discomfort, but you should  seek help from a Scottsdale podiatrist if the pain is chronic or severe.

Common causes of pain across the top of the foot

There are many reasons why you might experience pain across the top of your foot. However, overuse—from everyday activities such as walking or running—is the most common cause. Here are some conditions that can develop from overuse:

  • Extensor tendonitis: The extensor tendons are on the top of the foot and are used for flexing and pulling the foot upwards. Extensor tendonitis can be treated with rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, steroid injections, physical therapy, or exercises.  
  • Fractures: Hairline or stress fractures can develop from long periods of running or high-impact activities, causing bottom and top of foot pain.
  • Midfoot injuries: Midfoot injuries are often a result of an accident, such as dropping a heavy object on your foot. If a midfoot bone breaks or a tendon is inflamed or torn, it can cause pain, swelling, bruising, or redness. 

There are other causes of foot pain across the top of the foot as well:

  • Bone spurs are painful calcium deposits that can develop almost anywhere on the foot. They result from a change in pressure or arthritis near a joint. 
  • Diabetic neuropathy can cause burning pain across the top of the foot. 
  • Arthritis is a condition that causes pain, swelling, and inflammation in the joints. The foot is home to many joints, making it a common area for arthritis. In Arizona, our summers can increase joint pain related to arthritis, causing pain on the top of the foot.
  • Gout is a form of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals in the joint. Symptoms include sudden, intense pain in the joint at the base of the big toe.
  • Ganglion cysts often form across the top of the foot, appearing as a bump or sac filled with fluid. The cause of a ganglion cyst is not always known. They may develop after an injury to the area. A ganglion cyst can cause tingling or burning if it’s near a nerve and discomfort or pain when the top of the foot rubs against a shoe.  
  • Sinus tarsi syndrome, a rare condition, affects the channel between the heel and the ankle bone. It causes pain across the top of the foot and outside the ankle.

How is pain on top of the foot diagnosed?

If you’re experiencing chronic foot pain across the top of your foot, bottom foot pain, or pain on the top-right side of your foot when you walk, you may want to see a podiatrist. During a scheduled appointment, your Scottsdale doctor will examine your foot, paying close attention to signs and symptoms that indicate a foot issue. At this time, they may apply pressure to the affected area or ask you to walk or perform foot exercises to test the range of motion of your foot. The doctor may also ask you about any recent injuries or activities that led to your foot pain.

After an evaluation, your doctor may request blood tests, an MRI, or an X-ray, depending on the condition they’re trying to identify. For example, a blood test can identify gout, an MRI can detect nerve damage, and an X-ray can spot a fracture or bone spurs.

At-home treatment options

You may want to try some home remedies before seeing a podiatrist if your foot pain isn’t causing severe discomfort. Some popular at-home methods to treat foot pain include resting or staying off of your feet, applying ice to the affected area, stretching the surrounding muscles gently, and taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDs) to reduce symptoms. You might also consider these options:

  • Wearing properly fitted shoes
  • Getting a cast or walking boot to support injuries like broken bones or using a brace
  • Starting physical therapy
  • Wearing orthotics

To prevent further injury and support quick recovery, we recommended that you speak with a physician. Arizona Foot Doctors is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we can often provide same-day appointments.

FAQs around pain over top of foot

Is it normal to feel pain on the top side of my foot when walking?

No. Pain on the top side of your foot or any part of your foot isn’t normal and should be addressed with a medical professional to avoid further injury or discomfort. If you’ve injured your foot while exercising (many Arizonians report foot pain after hiking in the desert and working out at the gym), it may be the cause of why you feel pain when walking, but it can also be due to your shoes, an underlying condition, or general overuse. 

Why does the top of my foot hurt?

The top of your foot may hurt because of common conditions, exercising and strain on your feet, or an underlying disease. Consulting with a medical professional will help you determine the issue.

The top of my foot is throbbing—should I get medical attention?

If you’re experiencing throbbing on the top of foot and any of the below symptoms, contact your primary care doctor or a podiatrist right away.

  • Severe pain to the touch 
  • Visible swelling 
  • Open wound 
  • Wound that’s oozing pus 
  • Tenderness, redness, and warmth 
  • Fever over 100° F
  • Inability to walk or put weight on the foot 
  • You have diabetes 

Get more info about seeking medical attention for top of foot throbbing.

Is tenderness to the top of the foot normal?

After exercising (running, kicking, and jumping), it’s normal to feel a little bit of tenderness on the top of your foot. Seek medical attention when the tenderness continues after your recovery period or if the tenderness isn’t caused by exercising.

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