Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine

Arizona Foot Doctors in Scottsdale, Arizona now offers stem cell therapy (regenerative injections).

Have we found the foundation of youth?

We have all been hearing about stem cell therapy – the good, the bad, and everything in between – but the real question is, how will it help you?

For over 30 years, bone marrow has been the choice option for stem cell therapy. This treatment method can be quite responsive but carries a hefty price tag. Basic treatment starts at $25,000 and can go as high as $250,000 in a hospital environment. Yikes! Although expensive, many patients make this investment for the life-long therapeutic benefits.

Stem cells act as a repair system for your body. Advancements in science have allowed us to achieve similar, and many times identical, results and benefits by utilizing an amniotic fluid supplement (another regenerative medicine/treatment). The best part of amniotic medicine – it’s affordable and can be administered in a simple, safe in-office injection.

But shouldn’t the human body have the ability to help itself? Many ask this question when speaking to podiatrist Dr. Burns and Arizona Foot Doctors. The answer is yes. Bodies can heal themselves, but one conflict that occurs in a specific area that doesn’t have strong enough circulation and can’t pump enough healthy cells to “tell” the body to start healing. Amnio-injections act very similar to a magnet. They attract your healthy cells and together strengthen and grow to attack the underlying issue. It doesn’t mask pain- it heals the cause of the pain.

The injectable solution we offer is composed of the micronized, dehydrated amniotic membrane. It has over 50 unique growth factors that primarily act as a magnet for your body’s stem cells. It is quite synergistic in the way it works! The growth factors in the solution basically “jumpstart” the growth of new tissue. It is effective in remodeling and repairing old and damaged tissue. Our injection therapy is a safe, ethical, and promising alternative to pain management and treatment.

Regenerative medicine, whether it be laser therapy or amnio-injections, helps stimulate the body to use its own cells to heal. As new cells and tissues form, body functions will return, and pain will be reduced.

A modern alternative to surgery?

Many patients will elect to have, or be pressured, into having complicated surgical procedures with high hopes of foot pain relief. Just like medications – surgery makes no promises. In fact, it’s less of an attempt to solve a problem. While our amnio-injections cannot promise 100% success or immediate relief, they give our patients a non-invasive option to surgery and painkillers. Nobody should have to hurt to heal. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when one undergoes a surgical procedure, especially on the foot or ankle.

At Arizona Foot doctors, we take a very conservative approach to medicine. Surgery is strictly a last resort. We have several in-office treatments (including amniotic injections and laser foot therapy) that are available to help you get back on your feet.

With sky-high insurance deductible s- we encourage you to visit us today to explore our affordable prices, Care Credit financing options, and cutting-edge options for relief.

Call us today for a consultation with Dr. Burns. We accept most insurances and will work with you to achieve your desired results.