Podiatry treatment options & services in Scottsdale

Treatment for foot, ankle, and heel pain doesn't always mean surgery. Learn about non-invasive, cutting-edge treatments to help you get back on your feet.

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Explore our foot & ankle pain treatment options

Suffering from foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain, bone spurs, or other related ailments? Get back on your feet with Arizona Foot Doctors. We offer a variety of noninvasive, cuttingedge treatment options to relieve your foot pain and effectively treat your issue quickly. Listed below are just a few of the treatments we offer at our Scottsdale office. Once you visit our podiatry office, we will create a customized treatment plan specifically for you and your family.

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Visit our family practitioners to find relief from your foot or ankle pain. Schedule online or call us today at (480) 661-7572 to book an appointment. We treat common foot problems and offer preventative serviceswith surgery as a secondary option.