Custom foot orthotics for the whole family

Scottsdale Orthotics is a division of Arizona Foot Doctors, providing custom orthotic inserts for adults, teens, and children in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here are a few key benefits of custom orthotics from Scottsdale Orthotics:

    • You’ll get physician-prescribed orthotics that are customized to your specific needs.
    • Prices are competitive with some over-the-counter brands. 
    • Custom orthotics are comfortable and form fitting. 
    • Our orthotic inserts can relieve your foot pain and discomfort. 
    • With the right inserts, you can also regain stability. 
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Benefits of custom orthotics

Foot discomfort affects millions of people each year. It can range from feeling mild discomfort to experiencing severe limitations that impact your mobility. For many, the pain begins or is aggravated by simply standing or walking on concrete and other hard surfaces.

Walking is an important activity, whether it’s for work or relaxation, foot pain can interfere with your ability to move around easily. Custom foot orthotics from Scottsdale Orthotics are an excellent remedy for foot pain and discomfort. The benefits of custom orthotics begin with keeping your feet in top-notch condition.

Custom foot orthotics provide comfort and stability

Foot comfort is important; most people depend on walking to perform daily tasks, exercise, and move about for nearly every reason. Feet support your body weight when you’re standing, and they absorb tremendous amounts of force when you’re walking and running.

Shoes support the feet, and they perform an important function in preserving the shape of the arch and distributing the force of impact on your feet. However, shoes alone often fail to provide enough comfort, and many people need foot orthotic devices to improve the fit and support of their shoes.

Many people buy over-the-counter shoe linings and pads, which can slip and shift in a shoe and fail to provide support at key pressure points. While these inserts can provide some support and comfort, a customized and precise fit is the key to effective foot orthotics. There is no substitute for custom orthotics, which are tailored to support the contours of each individual foot.

Arizona Foot Doctors custom foot orthotic insert

How to get custom orthotics

  1. The process starts when you schedule an appointment online or contact our friendly staff at Scottsdale Orthotics.
  2. During your appointment, we’ll make a physical foot impression using the latest foot care technology. Then we’ll immediately send your information to our dedicated orthotic laboratory.
  3. After the orthotics are built (typically a two-week process), we’ll call you for pick up! Please remember to bring your day-to-day shoes with you so that we can properly fit you.

Schedule a fast and painless foot impression

For foot arch support and immediate relief from chronic foot pain, get custom orthotic inserts from Scottsdale Orthotics (a division of Arizona Foot Doctors). A prescription foot orthotic can transform an ordinary pair of shoes and provide therapeutic benefits. Custom foot orthotics are only available when you come in for measurement and fitting at our medical office location in Scottsdale, AZ.


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How custom orthotics are built

Modern technology has improved the fit and performance of custom foot orthotics. Scottsdale Orthotics provides completely made-to-order orthotics services. The precision system for orthotics at Scottsdale Orthotics creates a custom footpad from a physical foot impression. This technique captures the exact shape of the foot and can use many angles to find the perfect form for total support. Made from an impression, the custom foot orthotic meets the exact contours of the patient’s foot.

Accepted insurances

Advanced fitting techniques and materials offer those who wear orthotics higher levels of comfort and health benefits. We accept most types of insurance at Scottsdale Orthotics. Contact us to learn more.

About Scottsdale Orthotics

Whether you have a medical concern or simply want to optimize your athletic performance, Scottsdale Orthotics has a solution.  We are a full-service podiatric medical clinic staffed by a certified orthotist, who can recommend the very best custom orthotic inserts in Scottsdale, AZ.

Scottsdale Orthotics is brought to you by Footcare Physicians of Scottsdale, PLLC, the office of Dr. Steven Burns, and home to Arizona Foot Doctors.

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New orthotics should feel a little strange.  They are designed to put your foot in its optimal position. Unless you have a perfectly shaped foot, you’re going to notice a difference. Many people notice pressure near the arch of the foot. As you follow the proper break-in instructions, this foreign feeling will go away. The break-in period takes about a week, and we ask that you follow our instructions to avoid any possible discomfort or fatigue.

If you are able to remove the insoles, we recommend that you do so to create more room in your shoes.  If you can’t take them out, it’s no problem — you may just need to loosen your laces a bit if the fit feels tight. We ask that you give it a full seven days to see how your foot adjusts to the new fit.

No. We keep your impressions and order information on file for five years. Give us a call to order another pair!

Yes! Book an appointment today to see how we can help the whole family.

That all depends on how much you wear them! Some people and athletes change them as frequently as they buy shoes, but our product is designed to last for years under proper care.