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Healthy Foot Checkups Before the School Year

Your kids have spent the summer running, jumping, swimming and playing, but now it’s time to get serious. Not just about school, but their foot health. Yes, mom and dad, backpacks, school supplies, and schedules are important, but your family’s medical needs should...

Healthy Pediatric Foot Checkup for Students Before School - Running Students

Signs and Symptoms of a Pediatric Ingrown Toenail

We hate to watch our kids struggle with pain or discomfort of any sort. Whether it’s a scratched knee from a fall or a stomach ache from too much ice cream, we wish it were possible to keep them from ever getting hurt. As bad as it feels to watch them in pain when...

Cutting Pediatric Ingrown Toenail on a Child

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Laser Therapy Treatment - The K-Laser is a safe, non-painful, and effective treatment that helps relieve foot and ankle pain.

Custom Foot Orthotics - Custom foot orthotics help support the correct shape of your foot using a new 3D digital scanning technology.

Laser Fungus Removal - PinPointe FootLaser is safe, effective and most patients improve after their first treatment.

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