Moore Balance Brace for seniors

The Moore Balance Brace (MBB) is a prescription custom-made ankle foot orthotic (AFO) that is designed to fit easily into shoes recommended by a doctor. The MBB is NOT intended to be worn without a shoe. It's part of a long-term treatment plan that includes a strength training program to prevent falls. This program may include physical and occupational therapy, making necessary changes to home environment, and reviewing any medications the patient is taking.

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Who can benefit from the Moore Balance Brace?

One out of three seniors will experience a fall at least once each year. Patients who experience any of the below symptoms would benefit from the Moore Balance Brace technology.

  • Patients who have difficulty walking
  • Patients who have fallen in the past or who are at risk for falling
  • Patients with ankle weakness or instability
  • Patients with arthritis in their feet or ankles
  • Patients who have had a stroke or have weakness or dizziness
  • Patients who have poor feeling or numbness in their feet
  • Any patient already using a cane, walker or any other assistive device

What are risk factors that cause balance and fall problems?

Some of the many risk factors in older adults that can cause balance and fall problems are:

  • Seniors age 65 or older
  • Those with a history of falling
  • Anyone with a prior history of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or other pre-existing conditions
  • Individuals with unsteadiness as a result of vestibular disorders from inner ear imbalance causing dizziness/vertigo
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