Laser toenail fungus removal

Living with unsightly toenail fungus may make you feel embarrassed, or it may be uncomfortable. When left untreated, toenail fungus can worsen over time and even spread to other toes. Fortunately, painless toenail fungus treatment is possible with the effective and safe patented PinPointe™ FootLaser®, a high-quality laser device specially designed to avoid damaging the nail and surrounding skin.

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A painless toenail fungus treatment that works

Do you have toenail fungus? Have you been looking for a painless, safe alternative to some of the available treatment options? Arizona Foot Doctors uses a powerful laser that treats toenail fungus and safely reduces the infection. Our treatment is FDA-approved and won’t disrupt your daily routine. Schedule an appointment with Arizona Foot Doctors today to start feeling confident again about your toenails.

What laser technology do you use?

Arizona Foot Doctors uses PinPointe™ FootLaser®, a high-quality laser device that was introduced in 2008. The laser is specially designed to avoid damaging the nail and surrounding skin. The patented laser therapy has been proven effective and safe through a variety of clinical studies and research projects. Learn more about PinPointe FootLaser.

What is the process for laser toenail fungus removal?

Our laser toenail fungus treatment is quick (30 minutes) and painless. The laser beam goes straight through the nail to treat the infected nail beds.

How do I know if I have a toenail fungal infection?

Symptoms of toenail fungus include:

  • Thickening of the nail
  • Opaque white or yellow color
  • Foul odor
  • Buildup under the nail
  • Soreness, discomfort, or bleeding, especially while grooming nails

Keep in mind that the condition usually starts as a small spot on the nail. However, toenail fungus does not improve if left untreated and may continue to spread. Visit your primary care physician or podiatrist for an official diagnosis of a fungal, bacterial, or yeast toenail infection.

What is the laser toenail fungus treatment cost?

Our laser fungus treatment is conveniently priced based on each treatment and each foot. Most clients see improvement after their first treatment.

What kind of recovery can I expect?

Our fungus removal treatment does not affect daily tasks or routines. You can drive home and paint your toenails right after the procedure!

How did I contract a fungal infection, and what can I do to prevent one in the future?

While it’s possible to acquire toenail fungus by coming in contact with the infection, many people develop this condition as a result of the natural fungi that are already present in the body. Some people are more prone to fungal infections naturally. Those with weakened immune systems or poor circulation can often experience an increased risk of infection. However, there really are many ways a toenail fungal infection might develop. The following may increase your chances of developing a toenail fungal infection:

  • Improper foot hygiene
  • Showering barefoot at a gym
  • Frequent swims in public pools
  • Athlete’s foot

To avoid a fungal infection, implement healthy foot habits, such as washing your feet with a mild soap and properly drying them after, cleaning personal shower mats regularly, wearing shower shoes or sandals in public showers, changing your socks regularly, and wearing properly fitted shoes that aren’t too tight.

Can I remove toenail fungus at home?

For those with less severe cases, there are over-the-counter antifungal ointments and nail polishes. If your symptoms persist, speak with a podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment options. Initially, you can try the following:

  • Topical products
    • Applying an antifungal product directly to the affected nail can help kill the infection and promote healthy new growth. Be sure to follow the instructions for use carefully.
  • Over-the-counter medications
    • Your local drugstore can offer numerous over-the-counter medications to choose from. While the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot can also trigger toenail fungus, an athlete’s foot cream will not kill the toenail fungus. However, products for these conditions can be used in tandem if you’re experiencing both problems. Make sure you purchase the right preparation for your needs.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t simply paint toenail fungus medications on like nail polish. Before applying, make sure the area is clean and completely dry. Next, trim the nail as short as possible and push back the cuticle to ensure maximum exposure. Use the applicator to press the product along the cuticle line, over the surface, and under the nail.

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Laser fungus removal can provide relief and restore your confidence

When you have toenail fungus, you may notice discoloration, flaky debris, nail thickening, and/or a change in the shape of the nail. These symptoms can be painful and unsightly. With Arizona Foot Doctors’ laser fungus toenail removal treatment, you will find relief that also restores your confidence. Our laser is a safe and effective tool that allows you to get back to your schedule right away (there’s no downtime). Additional drugs, tests, and topical creams are not necessary and are rarely administered after this treatment.

Explore the benefits of fungus removal with Arizona Foot Doctors and request your appointment today:

Alleviates pain around the nailbed
Prevents the spread of the fungal infection
Restores the natural look of healthy skin
Promotes the healthy growth of the nail

Preparing for the laser

Before your appointment, we’ll evaluate your nail beds, the sides of your nails, and the overall appearance of your nails. Depending on the length of your nails (and how they’re pushing against the sides of your toes), we may file them down. Before we turn on the laser, our specialists will review the treatment process with you as well as sensations that you may feel (some heat may be emitted). If you have any questions or concerns about our laser fungus removal process, we encourage you to ask during this time!

Targeting areas where fungus is present

Our advanced laser technology is designed to target the nail bed, where fungus grows and spreads. By applying the heat from the laser, we will eliminate infection and prevent the growth from spreading further. Note, the laser uses wavelengths to minimize heating the skin, so you won’t feel pain during the procedure.

After the procedure

Many of our patients find success after just one treatment! If multiple treatments are necessary, however, our foot care specialists will provide additional information. While the fungus will be removed from the nailbed, we encourage patients to keep a close eye on their nails for the following 6–12 months. Pain relief will come quickly, but it may take time for the nail to grow back to its healthy and natural appearance.

Laser fungus treatment FAQs

No — most of our patients feel no pain at all. At most, you may experience a warming sensation or a “pinprick.”

There is no recovery period for laser fungus treatment. Patients can walk out and get back to their daily activities right after the procedure. You may even paint your nails! Follow up appointments may not be required. Consult with Dr. Burns to learn more about toenail aftercare.

The laser foot fungus treatment is a quick and painless procedure. At most, you can expect the procedure to last for 30 minutes. Be sure to remove all nail polish and nail decorations before your treatment.

It’s unlikely that the toenail fungus will come back if you properly take care of your toes. After your procedure, Dr. Burns at Arizona Foot Doctors will recommend care techniques to reduce the possibility of your toenail fungus coming back.

No — laser fungus removal is considered a selective procedure and isn’t covered by health insurance. HSA and flexible spending accounts, however, may cover this treatment.

Schedule your consultation for laser fungus removal in Scottsdale

If you suspect that you or someone in your family has toenail fungus, visit a podiatrist for early diagnosis. Whether you need to know how to treat your toenail fungus or want to manage your foot pain, Arizona Foot Doctors is your source for complete podiatry care. Book an appointment with our nail fungus specialists today. Our laser toenail fungus removal treatment is quick and painless — and it won’t affect your daily activities or plans.