Laser therapy for foot, ankle, and heel pain

With Arizona Foot Doctors' laser therapy treatment, you can find pain relief without surgery or intrusive medications. Learn about our modern, cutting edge pain laser & request an appointment.

How laser therapy can help

Suffering from swollen feet? Irritated ankles? Inflamed heels? We know that foot and ankle pain can be unbearable. Our laser therapy treatment is a safe, effective, and lasting way to relieve the inflammation, swelling, localized pain, and nerve pain. The Our laser also reduce symptoms and protects your feet from potential issues.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a safe, non-painful treatment that reduces swelling, relieves pain, and heals tissue with infrared wavelengths of light.

What is the laser being used?

Our laser is FDA cleared and clinically proven to help relieve pain and prevent future conditions in human patients.

About the procedure

Each session with our pain laser is fast and painless. Once you’re relaxed and ready to start, Dr. Burns will operate the laser on the inflamed area.

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How you can benefit from laser therapy

Everyone can benefit from laser therapy. It is both a preventative service and pain treatment option for acute and chronic conditions. Arizona Foot Doctor’s typical laser therapy patient is experiencing one or more of the below conditions.

Reduced swelling and pain in the affected areas
Stimulated tissue growth and blood flow
Preventative method for active individuals
Treats a variety of common foot problems

Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy pain

Nerve damage that is caused by high blood sugar levels in diabetic individuals can cause severe pain, numbness, tingling, and burning (diabetic neuropathy). Laser therapy treatments help these individuals by increasing blood flow, stimulating tissue growth, reducing swelling, and reducing pain.

Conservative treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Repeated physical activity and strain on an inflamed plantar fascia can cause severe heel irritation, heel pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Laser therapy greatly reduces pain and swelling and often fast tracks a patient’s recovery.

Foot and ankle pain treatment

Ongoing pain caused by heel spurs, bone spurs, arthritis, hammertoes, and other common foot problems can be debilitating. Laser foot and ankle treatment helps reduce pain and swelling in affected areas, stimulate tissue regrowth, and increase blood flow.

Treat foot tendonitis

Repetitive actions on an inflamed tendon can cause extreme pain and tenderness, stiffness, and swelling in the affected area (tendonitis). Our laser reduces inflammation in the affected area and offers lasting pain relief.

Laser foot and ankle therapy FAQs

Many of our patients with acute to moderate foot and ankle conditions respond to laser therapy treatment in as little as 1 to 3 sessions. Patients with chronic pain and severe diagnoses tend to best respond to therapy after 8 – 12 sessions. Keep in mind, every patient is unique and requires their assessment to determine the expected amount of sessions needed.

Laser therapy treatments start as low as $81.50/session. Although the results and benefits are highly documented, insurance companies do not consider laser therapy medically necessary and won’t cover the service. To help offset your out-of-pocket cost, we accept financing through Care Credit. Learn more through our patient center or apply online.

Laser therapy is not painful. Many of our patients describe it as a warm, tingling sensation, limited to the area that’s being treated. With our laser’s powerful results, you can expect an increase in blood flow and warmth throughout each session.

As mentioned before, most clients feel immediate relief after their first session. Some even report a more relaxed feeling throughout their daily activities. Foot and ankle pain reduction is our main goal, but not the only benefit of laser therapy. The laser is known for its pain treatment and preventative effects for tissues. Throughout this process, the areas being treated will repair the damaged tissues, grow new tissues, and protect all tissues being treated. The benefits of laser therapy is cumulative; meaning, overtime you will feel all of our laser’s benefits.

There are no physical limitations or precautions you need to take after each laser session. We do, however, encourage clients to rest after each treatment so they’re not overexerting themselves or causing more damage to the area in pain. If you’re planning to exercise after the laser therapy treatment, we suggest lowering the intensity of the workout and switching to a body area that’s not currently being treated. If you have specific questions, contact our office or talk to Dr. Burns directly.

If you’re experiencing any pain, discomfort, or soreness caused by vasodilation, we suggested icing the area in intervals or as directed by Dr. Burns. Another way to soothe the discomfort would be using a pain relief gel.

* Vasodilation is when your blood vessels increase in diameter to reduce inflammation (one of the laser’s benefits). Some patients may feel sore once vasodilation occurs.

Yes. We require patients to wear safety glasses during treatment to protect their eyes from our high-powered laser beams. Our safety glasses protect and block certain wavelengths of light that would damage your retina.

Many patients have reported immediate pain relief after their first laser therapy session. Some patients have reported feeling may more pain and soreness after the first session, but have confirmed that it is better by the next day.

Since laser therapy requires direct contact with the skin, we recommend wearing clothing that allows easy access (like skirts, sweatpants, and sandals). If you’re more comfortable wearing pants or covered shoes, make sure they are easily removable for treatment.

We encourage clients to finish their purchased treatment sessions to take advantage of laser therapy’s many benefits. Laser treatment is not only a pain reduction tool but a preventative treatment. Completing your purchased package will strengthen your tissues in the affected area, increase blood flow, and ensure longevity.

Yes. Arizona Foot Doctor’s superior laser is similar to the K-Laser, offering the same benefits, but is produced from another manufacturer.

Laser therapy is a non-surgical treatment option for families on the go

If you’re experiencing minor or severe foot, heel, and ankle pain, try laser therapy. Our laser is a non-surgical, non-painful treatment option that relieves pain and prevents future conditions. Schedule your appointment, today.