Laser therapy to treat foot, ankle, and heel pain

Male Athlete on Track Rubbing Painful Ankles and Prepping for Laser Treatment

Laser therapy to treat foot and ankle pain – now available from podiatrists in Scottsdale, Arizona!

Many patients leave their doctor believing that there are no conservative or effective ways to treat acute or chronic foot and ankle pain. Now, with the new laser treatment offered by Scottsdale podiatrist Dr. Burns, patients can find relief from foot and ankle pain while avoiding dangerous prescription drugs, painful injections, and expensive surgeries.

The K-Laser is a safe, painless, and effective treatment for active individuals with foot and ankle pain. It helps reduce pain and inflammation and enhances tissue healing—both in hard and soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, and even bones. It increases oxygenation of tissues and allows injured or damaged cells to absorb photons of light, which essentially speeds up the healing process.

I have had nothing but positive feedback on this treatment”, states Dr. Burns; “most of my patients are feeling the laser going to work within 24 hours of their first session. Laser therapy is not new science- what we do know now is that it works very well and is quite effective in treating most foot and ankle aches and pains…my patients are happier than ever. Nobody should have to resort to uncomfortable injections or unnecessary, overpriced insurance surgeries that pose a greater risk than benefit. This is a non-invasive approach to pain relief that is proven effective for most conditions. It heals without causing pain or distress to your body- with zero downtime, to boot. Why hurt to heal?” – Dr. Steven Burns

Want to learn more about laser therapy for foot and ankle pain?

Our laser treatments have worked wonders for neuropathic pain sufferers, plantar fasciitis patients, and other individuals who have suffered from common foot and ankle problems. Learn more about how laser therapy can help relieve the pain you may be experiencing by visiting our office or scheduling an appointment with a podiatrist at our Scottsdale clinic. We strongly encourage patients to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burns to discuss all treatment options for foot and ankle pain.

Laser therapy starts as low as $100/session. Despite its documented effectiveness, insurance companies do not consider laser treatments medically necessary and do not cover the service. To help offset your out-of-pocket cost, we accept financing through Care Credit. Care Credit Financing offers fast approval and coverage for both insured and non-insured podiatry services. Learn more about foot and ankle treatment and payment options through our patient center. Contact us today to schedule a podiatry appointment in Scottsdale.

Originally published: December 2, 2019