Laser Fungus Removal

Painless Toenail Fungus Treatment

A Painless Toenail Fungus Treatment that Works

Do you have toenail fungus? Have you been looking for a painless, safe alternative to some of the available options?  Arizona Foot Doctors uses a powerful laser that treats toenail fungus and safely reduces the infection. Our treatment is FDA-approved and won’t disrupt your daily routine. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Burns, today, to start feeling confident about your toenails.

Our Laser Technology:

Arizona Foot Doctors uses PinPointe FootLaser, a high-quality laser device that was introduced in 2008. The laser is specially designed to avoid damaging the nail and surrounding skin. The patented PinPointe FootLaser has proven to be effective and safe through a variety of clinical studies and research projects. Learn more about PinPointe FootLaser.

Laser Treatment Cost

Our laser fungus treatment is conveniently priced per foot, per treatment. Most clients see improvement after their first treatment. Schedule a consultation today.

About the Procedure

Our laser toenail fungus treatment is quick (30 minutes) and painless. The laser beam goes straight through the nail to treat infected nail bed.


Recovery Information

Our fungus removal treatment does not affect daily tasks or routines. You can drive home and paint your toenails right after the procedure!

Laser Fungus Treatment FAQ’s

Is the fungus treatment procedure painful?

No – most of our patients feel no pain at all. At most, you may experience a warming sensation or a “pinprick.” 

What is recovery like for this laser treatment?

There is no recovery period for laser fungus treatment. Patients are able to walk out and get back to their daily activities right after the procedure.  You may even paint your nails! Follow up appointments may not be required. Consult with Dr. Burns to learn more about toenail aftercare. 

What is the procedure like? How long does it take?

The laser foot fungus treatment is a quick and painless procedure. At most, you can expect the procedure to last for 30 minutes. Be sure to remove all nail polish and nail decorations before your treatment.

Does this eliminate the fungus completely, or will it come back?

It’s unlikely that the toenail fungus will come back if you properly take care of your toes. After your procedure, Dr. Burns at Arizona Foot Doctors will recommend care techniques to reduce the possibility of your toenail fungus coming back. 

Will my insurance pay for this procedure?

No – laser fungus removal is considered an aesthetic and is not covered by health insurance. HSA and flexible spending accounts, however, may cover this treatment.

Ready to Schedule Your Consultation for Laser Treatment?

Book an appointment with podiatrist Dr. Burns, today. Our toenail fungus treatment is quick, painless, and won’t affect your daily activities or plans.

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