Kids orthotics and preventative care in Scottsdale

Two Young Kids Running on Beach Before Healthy Foot Checkup

Let’s face it—as we age, our bodies take a little more time to bounce back from strenuous (and not so strenuous) activities. Our backs, hips, and knees tend to ache after a long day of standing or walking, and those aches and pains tend to cause more problems as it radiates to our feet. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably laughing at the idea of running at the park. A swim at the beach? In a million years. A trip to Disney World with the family? Forget about it.

Aches and pains in any part of your body are discomforting, but when the pain moves down to our feet and heels, the days become more difficult, and simple tasks seem impossible. While there are ways to treat your comfort and pain, you must be asking, “how could have I prevented it?”

After a recent trip to Disneyworld with my daughter (yes—16 hour days walking on concrete sidewalks), my body felt broken. Aching knees, lower back pain, cramping with every step—you know what I’m talking about. If only I was able to tell my parents what I know now—“take me to the foot doctor once a year!” Alongside regular preventative appointments, a foot doctor can prescribe kids orthotics to prevent future pain and discomfort.

Foot doctors, formally known as podiatrists, not only help treat problems like plantar warts and bunions but with preventive foot pain strategies to help support your body as you progress in life. For kids, teens, and adults, meeting with a preventative family podiatrist annually and ordering kids orthotics is essential.

Kids orthotics

Custom foot orthotics aren’t just for the active adults or grandparents who are in pain – orthotics are for kids too! In addition to improving your child’s game, you can prevent aches and pains they may experience later on in life by ordering kids orthotics at our family podiatry center.

I grew up with flat feet. I was always the last runner to finish, the lowest jumper, and the most fatigued. Why? I had flat feet and wore no support for my arch or ankles. Running, jumping, and bouncing was difficult for me as a child and painful as I grew into adulthood. While my shoes were protective, they didn’t provide the cushion or flexibility that my arch needed (orthotics!)

As an adult, I wear foot orthotics but only to stop the pain and prevent further damage. If I had started wearing them 30-years sooner, I might just be wearing orthotics to avoid pain after long runs, 16-hour trips to Disney World, and other contact sports and activities. By investing in custom orthotics for kids at a young age, you can provide a brighter (and less painful) future for them.

Young Basketball Player on Court Adjusting Foot Orthotics

Annual foot checkups

Schedule a yearly appointment at our family podiatry center for a healthy foot checkup. Like dental appointments that take place twice a year, our annual checkups are designed to check the health of your kid’s feet—evaluating everything from the range of motion to toenail health and potential pain points. Learn more by contacting us directly or by scheduling your first appointment online. Have multiple kids or family members that need an appointment? Give us a call for back-to-back scheduling.

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Walking without pain is often taken for granted, and walking around pain-free is equally taken for granted. Don’t wait for your kids to complain to you – be proactive and take preventive action today! Starting your children with kids orthotics is the first step to eliminating aching feet in the future—next, regular podiatry appointments. We spend so much money on our shoes for fashion and comfort—imagine the benefits of something as small as an insurance copay once a year to put your family’s mind at ease. Take some healthy preventative measures for your kid’s feet by scheduling an appointment with our family podiatry center.