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We're proud to partner with reputable and friendly doctors and family healthcare practices in Arizona. Our Community Network program is designed to provide a connected care experience for patients and their growing families. Learn more about our program, how we help patients around the valley, and sign up today!

About Arizona Foot Doctors

Arizona Foot Doctors is a top-rated podiatry clinic located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our medical director, Dr. Steven Burns, started Arizona Foot Doctors over 35 years ago with one mission in mind: to elevate each family’s health and well—starting from the feet up! Throughout the years, we’ve helped countless patients get back on their feet and, most recently, helped patients expand their care through our Community Network.

Understanding the impact our program has provided for Arizona families and Arizona physicians, we’ve dedicated 2021 to expanding our program.

About the program

We’ve built this Community Network with two goals in mind. First and foremost, we want to share resources that will benefit our patients’ overall health (physical, mental, and spiritual). In addition to creating a true Community Network for individuals and families in and around Scottsdale, Arizona, we want to help physicians and medical groups of all specialties stay known.

The Community Network program is a simple, easy to use tool built on to help patients search, find, and book appointments with friendly and reputable doctors around the valley. To list your practice, you must connect with our practice administrator.

After a short screening process, we’ll ask for contact information and photos of your office. All of this information will be added to a personalized listing (similar to this example!) on our site. Once your listing is live, we’ll forward new patient leads that take place on your listing. You’ll be able to contact at any time to edit or update your listing information.

Would you like to join our Community Network?

Be found & connect with patients who are in need of connected care by joining our Community Network. After a short screening process, we’ll publish your information on the Community Network platform.

How the Community Network helps patients

Our online Community Network helps patients by providing a straightforward way to search and find credible doctors in the area. This “connected care” approach will streamline the way families find and choose their doctors while the doctors, on the other hand, can work together to provide the best experience possible for new patients.