Ingrown toenail treatment and removal

Ingrown toenails can be a real pain. The digging, soreness, irritation, sharp pain, and swelling can be unbearable—and shouldn’t be tolerated! Find ingrown toenail relief with the podiatrists at Arizona Foot Doctors. We work around the clock to relieve our patient’s foot pain, whether it’s stemming from their nails or their heels. Our ingrown toenail doctors will provide and create a non-invasive treatment plan that will prevent the growth of your ingrown toenail and provide immediate relief.

Alleviate ingrown toenail pain and prevent infection with AFD

More often than not, the culprit of ingrown toenails are shoes that hug and squeeze too tightly. Tightly fitted shoes can force the edges of your nails to push into the surrounding skin, causing inflammation and irritation. Additionally, the wear over time can cause the nail to grow inwardly into the skin where nerves become activated. The bottom line is, ingrown toenails are painful. The best way to prevent ingrown toenails is to check how well your shoes fit consistently. However, you may be asking, what do you do about ingrown nails that have already grown? Become infected? Starting to cause pain? At this point, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist.

Our team of podiatrists and ingrown toenail specialists have dealt with a variety of cases. After a careful and gentle examination of your foot, we’ll create a treatment plan that quickly addresses your pain, alleviating the ingrown toenail and removing any infection. Schedule your appointment at our Scottsdale ingrown toenail center today. Our general treatment method:

  • Proper trimming of the toenail
  • In severe cases, we conduct a short procedure to remove the affected nail
  • Laser therapy and antibiotic treatments to remove the infection
  • Pain relief measures to alleviate inflammation around the nailbed
  • Evaluation of your footwear and, when necessary, prescribe custom foot orthotics
  • Prevention plan
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Ingrown toenails FAQs

Yes! After your ingrown toenail treatment, Arizona Foot Doctors will provide a customized prevention plan to avoid this pain in the future. Sometimes, a routine as simple as keeping your feet moisturized and clean can help you to prevent ingrown nails.

Your footwear matters when it comes to treating your ingrown toenails. If you want to avoid an ingrown nail in the future, then you must have shoes and sock that fit correctly. If your shoes are too small, then your toes will be crowded, and the pressure may lead to ingrown nails.

Treat ingrown toenails with Arizona Foot Doctors

Ingrown toenails can be painful and disruptive. If you’re not finding relief after switching your shoes or gently massaging the area, you’ll need to meet with a podiatrist. Scottsdale’s ingrown toenail specialists at Arizona Foot Doctors will help you find immediate relief and teach you about long-term prevention tips when you visit.