How to relieve foot pain from standing all day

You’ve suffered for years with foot pain from standing, making compromises in your day-to-day activities, and you might have started to lose hope that you’ll find relief. Fortunately, foot relief is possible! While you might require medical intervention for some conditions—such as gout or osteoporosis—you can make lifestyle changes to reduce foot pain and limit its recurrence. Reach out to a podiatrist near you to collaborate on a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Techniques to relieve foot pain from standing

The best remedy for foot pain caused by being on your feet all day is to find ways to incorporate several breaks. Of course, frequent break time isn’t always an option for everyone. If you can’t find time to put your feet up, make sure the shoes you wear are not contributing to the problem.

A proper fitting from a footwear professional or podiatrist can help you get the right shoes that offer support and alleviate stress on the foot. Changes that can be made to your footwear may vary depending on the shape of your foot and your gait. Various solutions may include: adequate arch support, custom orthotics, insoles, or determining your proper shoe size and fit. Additionally, you can try a variety of techniques and stretches to relieve your aches and foot pain.

RICE for foot pain

When doctors recommend you use RICE, they’re not referring to the food but to a technique: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. First, take a load off and allow your feet a rest. Then, to help reduce swelling and foot pain, apply ice or a cold pack to the area. You can also wrap the area to reduce swelling, making sure you don’t wrap too tightly. Finally, elevate the foot above the level of your heart, if possible, or just enough that your foot is raised higher than the rest of your leg.


Rolling is a form of foot massage. You’ll want to use a tennis ball, water bottle, or foam roller. Sitting in a chair, place one foot on the ball, rolling it back and forth starting at the ball of your foot and moving along the arch. Perform the massage for 10 to 15 minutes before switching feet.


Other stretches include self-release techniques for plantar fasciitis relief or calf stretches for relieving tightness in the feet. To perform the first, place your ankle on your thigh, cradling your toes in your hand. Using your other hand, push the toes toward the heel and hold for three to five minutes. For the second, with your hands on a wall in front of you, arms extended, you can perform a calf stretch. Start with the right foot behind the left, right leg straight, and heel on the floor. Then, slowly bend the left leg. You should feel stretching in the calf. Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat three times for each side. Be careful to not overstretch.

Before staring, check with a podiatrist near you to determine if these stretches are safe. Podiatrists can offer tips on the best stretches to prevent and reduce foot pain related to your condition.

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While there are many methods for learning how to relieve foot pain from standing, if you’re experiencing frequent pain or chronic pain, it’s important to find the underlying cause to prevent foot pain. Determining the source of the pain sooner and finding a treatment plan that works for you can prevent injury to the extremity and ensure healing. Contact Arizona Foot Doctors to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist near you for diagnostics, testing, and treatment. Let’s get your feet happy again!