Four common children’s foot problems – signs, symptoms, and treatment options

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As children grow and become more mobile, they can begin to develop some of the same foot problems that adults suffer from. As parents, we must know and lookout for signs that our kids may be experiencing these challenges to prevent further damage and quickly restore movement and mobility.

Follow our guide below to learn about four common children’s foot and ankle problems. If your kids are complaining about any of these signs or symptoms, it’s essential that you contact a pediatric podiatrist. A specialist like Dr. Burns at Arizona Foot Doctors will diagnose, treat, and develop and long-lasting treatment plan for your little one.

Pediatric ingrown toenail

  • Symptoms: The symptoms for pediatric ingrown toenails include pain and redness around the affected toenail.
  • Causes: Children’s ingrown toenails are most commonly caused by wearing shoes that are too small, improperly trimmed nails, or simply because of their genetics.
  • Treatment: How you treat your child’s ingrown nails will depend on the cause. Wearing appropriately sized shoes or sandals and clipping toenails straight as opposed to curved can help provide relief and eliminate the symptoms. Your pediatric podiatry specialist can offer additional recommendations if your child participates in sports that put constant pressure on their toes or if their case is due to genetics.

Flat feet/foot in children

  • Symptoms: Flat feet/foot is identified by the lack of arches in your children’s feet and is especially problematic for those under the age of seven. Complaints of foot and ankle pain, specifically in the heel and arch area, joint pain, and toe walking, are possible signs of flat feet.
  • Causes: The causes of flat feet/foot can range from issues with muscle tone and tendons to broken bones in the foot.
  • Treatment: Most kids with flat feet do not report any issues. If your child complains of leg or foot pain, you may want to visit Arizona Foot Doctors for official diagnosis and treatment. Kid’s foot orthotics will quickly provide relief for your little one and prevent future issues.

Heel pain

  • Symptoms: Some children, especially those in their adolescent years, complain of radiating or stabbing pain in their heel. The pain may be under or behind the heel or running up through the calf muscles.
  • Causes: The causes of heel pain can vary. If the pain is at the bottom of the heel, then it may be due to Plantar Fasciitis, which is caused by repetitive strain injury from too much walking, running, or wearing inadequate footwear. If the pain is in the back of the heel, then it may be due to Sever’s disease which occurs in active children between eight and 14 years of age.
  • Treatment: Since several factors may lead to heel pain, visiting a pediatric podiatry specialist is the best way to diagnose the root problem.

Children’s Plantar Warts

  • Symptoms: Your child may have Plantar Warts if you notice a skin lesion at the bottom of their foot. You may confuse it for a callus or corn, but if you see little black dots within the wound, then it’s a clear-cut sign that you’re dealing with a wart.
  • Causes: Plantar warts are caused by a contagious virus and can spread quickly from person to person. If your child has a weak immune system, then they are more likely to end up with them.
  • Treatment: Stopping the virus isn’t that difficult, but removing warts themselves can prove to be a challenge. Visit Arizona Foot Doctors in Scottsdale for an official diagnosis and plan of action to remove your child’s plantar wart. The best way to prevent plantar warts is by making sure your kids’ hands, and feet are thoroughly washed and dried. Wearing foot protection in public pools and showers is recommended.
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From the time they’re crawling around, our kids are susceptible to a variety of foot problems. Some issues can be treated at home, while others may require that you consult with a pediatric podiatry office or a foot and ankle center. Arizona Foot Doctors, Scottsdale’s top pediatric podiatry center, is dedicated to your child’s comfort and care. Visit our office for more information on these common foot problems and for professional care and treatment.