Foot Pain Causes & Ways to Treat It

Foot pain can be unbearable and disruptive. If you’re experiencing any sort of pain in your toes, heel, or foot in general, make an appointment with Dr. Burns today. We’ll help you by diagnosing and treating the pain quickly.

Man massaging woman's sore foot

What is foot pain?

Foot pain can become a serious condition if it goes untreated. It can first appear from something very mild or from a foot injury that can be severe enough to put you out of commission.

Active Woman Stopping on Track to Hold Sore Arch

What causes foot pain?

Pain in the heel and soreness or pain in the foot after running isn’t an uncommon issue. These conditions can sometimes be easily relieved, or they may require more significant treatment. If you’re experiencing any foot pain, take the time to evaluate your feet and research what may be causing the issue. For effective relief and an expert diagnosis, contact our Scottsdale podiatry office.

Burning pain on the top of the foot

If you’re experiencing any burning pain on the top of your foot, you may be suffering from neuropathy. Neuropathy (or nerve damage) in the foot is a painful condition rooting from Diabetes Mellitus. If you think you have diabetic neuropathy, contact the doctors at Arizona Foot Doctors for diagnosis and professional treatment.

Soreness in the ball of the foot

Soreness and shooting pain in the ball of your foot may be a sign of overuse or of a larger issue, such as a hammertoe or bunion. These conditions and your symptoms can be debilitating. Find relief without surgery at Arizona Foot Doctors.

Severe foot pain

If you’re suffering from any sort of foot pain, contact Arizona Foot Doctors. We’ll professionally diagnose and conservatively treat the pain you may be experiencing. While you’re waiting for your appointment, explore our common foot problems.

Foot pain in the tendon

Experiencing extreme pain or tenderness in your tendon? Tendinitis may explain your condition. Many patients suffering from tendinitis feel ongoing pain in their foot and see visible swelling and stiffness around the area. If you notice any pain rooting from your tendon, it’s vital that you contact a podiatrist.

Foot pain in the arch

Experiencing dull or tingling pain in the arch of your foot? Inflammation? You may be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This condition causes acute to severe arch pain due to poorly fitting shoes, excessive running, and/or weight gain. Another cause may be heel spurs or arch spurs. These bone spurs, or horizontal bone growths, can take years to develop and can cause severe inflammation and arch pain. For professional diagnosis and treatment, contact the doctors at Arizona Foot Doctors.

What treatment options are available for foot pain?

If you’re experiencing chronic foot pain, it’s essential that you connect with a podiatrist. For immediate relief from mild foot pain, it’s best that you use the RICE method at home (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

Foot pain treatment center in Scottsdale

Find foot pain relief at Scottsdale’s top podiatry clinic, Arizona Foot Doctors. If you are experiencing pain of any type or you haven’t had your feet examined in a while, we would be happy to get you back on your feet or keep you moving without pain. Either way, it is a good idea to have a podiatrist examine your feet on a regular basis.

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