Foot Pain Treatment

Are You Experiencing Pain in the Toes or Feet?

Foot Pain can come from many different causes, such as injury, bio-mechanical issues, poor fitting shoes, and even diseases.  Foot pain can become a serious condition if it goes untreated, and can start out very mild or with a foot injury that can be severe enough to put you out of commission.

A good number of people complain about heel foot pain, foot pain after running, and ball of foot pain.  These conditions can sometimes be easily treated, or they may require more significant foot pain treatment.  Foot pain treatment is directed to the cause of the pain and best determined by a podiatrist. Improper shoe fitting is a main cause of foot pain.  Get fitted for your athletic shoes as well as dress shoes.

If you experience a relatively mild injury to your foot, you can start treatment by using the RICE treatment method, which is REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, and ELEVATION before coming to the office.

People who have diabetes often have diabetic foot pain.  Diabetic foot pain can be from a reduction of blood flow to the feet, depriving your feet of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients. Numbness or a sharp pain in the feet of a diabetic is often from nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy.  Diabetics should visit the podiatrist more frequently for more preventative measures.

If you are experiencing foot pain of any type or haven’t had your feet examined in a while, we would be happy to get you back on your feet or keep you moving pain free. Either way, it is a good idea to have a podiatrist examine your feet on a regular basis.

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