Preventive and Regenerative Medicine for the Foot and Ankle

Choice Treatments Used By Professional Athletes Now Available at Arizona Foot Doctors

Have you ever wondered what NFL and NBA team doctors use as their choice treatment for foot pain and inflammation? Or what they use to prevent future ankle injuries? Stop your wondering! Arizona Foot Doctors specializes in pain and preventative therapies for athletes, offering the same laser pain therapy and physician made orthotics for active Arizonans that pro-athletes use on the field. This technology, equipment, and advanced medicine is offered for patients suffering from foot, ankle and heel pain. It’s also available for competitive sports players interested in preventative options.


Why Laser Therapy and Custom Foot Orthotics?

Laser foot therapy and foot orthotics are non-invasive treatments, giving pro-athletes the ability to get back into the game immediately and active individuals to get back on track. The old school theory that surgery, oral medications (both narcotic and non-narcotic), and painful injections are required to get rid of pain is untrue and no longer relevant. Nobody should have to hurt to heal.

This modern laser treatment does not only treat pain and discomfort but is used as a regenerative strategy to relief.  While many lasers use two waves of energy- our laser used 3. Why 3? The third wavelength has shown to increase the circulation of healthy cells, which in effect speeds up healing times and maintains optimal foot health and circulation.

Custom foot orthotics are a popular method of relief, giving athletes arch support and a  solid footbed to improve performance.  Most orthotics are “one-size fit all,” but Arizona Foot Doctors uses an advanced 3D scanning technology to customize the fit. These doctor prescribed orthotics provide perfect arch support, preventing future falls (balance treatment) and supporting the entirety of your body weight.

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How Custom Foot Orthotics Will Help You

Food for thought – what if someone told you that a pair of custom orthotics could potentially keep you walking longer without assistive walkers, canes, or accommodative braces?  You have worked hard your whole life to enjoy these years- make the most of your life by staying on your feet!

Custom orthotics are a smart solution to quickly relieve pain and to keep you moving. Our physician made and prescribed orthotics and can treat a myriad of conditions- from general foot cramps or plantar fasciitis to knee and back pain.  In addition to treating pain, orthotics from Arizona Foot Doctors serve an even higher purpose, that is fall prevention and endurance.

Are you an athlete with flat feet?  Guess what. Orthotics provide you with the arch you never had and will give you that springboard effect. Who doesn’t want to shave off a couple of seconds off their finish time- or go that extra mile?  Do you fatigue easily while playing sports or simply walking? Orthotics will accurately position the foot in your shoe to give the best performance with the least amount of harmful strain on your feet.

Now, we may not all be professional athletes, but most of us love sports and being active.  Maybe it’s playing a game of “catch” with your grandchild or braving the crowds at the mall with your other half, but it’s those moments we need orthotics most.

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Why Choose Podiatrist Dr. Burns?

Dr. Burns is Scottsdale’s top podiatrist, offering a variety of conservative treatments for common foot problems in adults and children. His approach to foot care is like no other, setting up patients for permanent pain relief and healthy feet. Athletes, seniors and everyone in between, visit us today for a proper analysis of your feet. We’ll help you determine the best method of treatment for your foot and ankle pain.

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