Foot and ankle braces

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a foot and ankle brace. Whether it’s a bad sprain, general discomfort, or a broken bone, Arizona Foot Doctors of Scottsdale can provide you with a specialized brace that will provide the support you need. In addition to treating twists, sprains, and breaks, we use braces to treat common foot problems, alleviate pressure, provide support, and apply compression to problem areas.

Foot and ankle braces provide immediate relief and support

Swollen ankles, painful sprains, and inflamed joints can be treated conservatively with AFD’s foot and ankle braces. While braces may seem like an obsolete method of treatment, these devices have allowed hundreds of patients to continue with day-to-day activities after visiting our Scottsdale podiatry office.

We utilize foot and ankle braces to treat chronic and acute foot conditions,ss well as general sprains and broken bones. Our supportive braces, designed for active individuals and athletes, are used to reduce pressure on the joints and muscles while improving the patient’s game!

Choosing your ankle brace

If a foot and ankle brace is required in your treatment plan, or if you’d like the extra support, the foot care specialists at Arizona Foot Doctors will help you choose the best brace. We evaluate the shape and size of your foot while learning about your lifestyle and daily activities. The goal with braces is to find one that’s comfortable, supportive, and sized to correct problem areas.

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Explore the benefits of AFD’s foot and ankle braces

Foot and ankle braces, when fitted properly, will align your bones, muscles, and ligaments in the proper places while applying gentle pressure. The combination of the alignment and pressure will reduce swelling in and offer support to the problem area. More complex braces (supplied by our foot care physicians) can target specific joints, working quickly to eliminate pain and expedite the healing process. All of these factors and benefits of braces are taken into consideration when creating your treatment plan. Rather than surgery or a painful injection, can we provide relief with a foot and ankle brace?

Schedule an appointment with Arizona Foot Doctors to learn more about our Scottsdale ankle braces and the benefits you’ll experience.

Promotes proper alignment for your bones, muscles, and ligaments
Reduces swelling and inflammation in the foot and ankle
Works quickly to eliminate pain and discomfort
Acts as an alternative to painful surgeries and treatments

Relief from arthritic symptoms

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are painful diagnoses that are typically relieved with pain medication, injections, and physical therapy. As an alternative to these invasive treatment methods, our care professionals may prescribe a foot and ankle brace to wear throughout the night or when joints are inflamed and irritated.

Treatment for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis, a painful condition that affects the toes and heel bone, can be treated naturally with a foot and ankle brace. A device customized for plantar fasciitis will stabilize, protect, and limit movement between the plantar fascia ligament. When creating a treatment plan, our podiatrists may include a foot and ankle brace as an alternative to painful surgeries or other invasive treatment methods.

Symptom alleviation for diabetes

Patients who have diabetes (Type I or Type II) may experience swelling of the foot and ankle and severe pain while walking. Foot and ankle braces provide patients with immediate pain relief and lasting benefits. More often than not, patients who are diagnosed with diabetes will be prescribed a foot and ankle brace from AFD to treat, avoid, and prevent common symptoms.

Foot and ankle brace FAQs

Beyond Arizona Foot Doctors’ recommended treatment plan, we do not suggest wearing the foot and ankle brace daily. We do, however, encourage patients to keep their brace in case of future discomfort or pain. You can extend the life of your foot and ankle brace by properly cleaning it by hand.

There are no downsides to wearing an ankle brace if you follow proper care instructions. To strengthen your muscles and support your feet during the treatment plan, follow recommended stretches and exercises.

Conservatively treat your feet with a foot and ankle brace from our Scottsdale office

The benefits of foot and ankle braces are countless, from alleviating general discomfort and pain to treating complex foot problems that would typically require surgery. Work with our podiatrists and care specialists to see if an ankle brace would be an optimal treatment method for your condition.