Back-To-School Foot Care for Families

Modern Podiatry that Meets the Modern Family

With the school year rolling back around and holidays peeking around the corner, it’s easy to forget about your family’s foot health. One wrong jump, sprint, or fall can cause extreme foot pain and a big setback in your busy schedule. Avoid any issues that might appear by visiting Arizona Foot Doctors, Scottsdale’s top family podiatrist.

Just like visiting the dentist for teeth cleaning twice a year, it’s essential that you visit your foot doctor for a regular healthy foot checkup. Our podiatrist will examine your kid’s feet to check for any emerging issues, potential causes for pain, and more. We’ll also recommend healthy foot tips and preventative treatment options to keep your children moving.

Conservative Treatment Options for Kids and Adults

Surgery isn’t the best option for everyone. At our Scottsdale Podiatry clinic, we carefully examine each patient’s foot and listen to their issues to determine the best plan of action. Our treatment plans are customized to each individual, working to relieve foot pain effectively treat the condition conservatively. Surgery is never our first recommendation or course of action. The kids and adults who visit our clinic leave comfortable and happy and typically get back to their activities immediately after their visit. Learn more about Arizona Foot Doctors, or schedule your appointment online.

“Dr. Burns is a very professional and personable podiatrist. He thoroughly listens to you and makes sure you’re comfortable at all times. I highly recommend him as your podiatrist.”
-Kenneth P, verified Zocdoc review.

Preventative Services for Kids and Adults

Modern families are always on-the-go. To prevent possible injuries and disruptions to your schedule, we offer a variety of cutting-edge preventative treatments that will help keep your busy family moving. For young athletes and active individuals, our laser therapy treatment will keep you on the field while protecting and strengthening your foot. Another preventive treatment that we offer to our patients is RIT therapy,  an innovative treatment option that promotes healthy living and stronger support.

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Insurance FAQ’s

As you may know, medical insurance is big business. The days of low deductibles are over and almost all health plans require you meet your deductible before being eligible for the simplest of benefits.  Let’s face it – insurance is great for major medical events but what about everything else?  Why must you be injured with a “medically necessary” diagnosis code in order to receive health benefits for your feet?  We wish we had an answer for you- but we aren’t the decision makers when it comes to payment and medical insurance. We are, however, on your team when it comes to healthy living.

What Podiatry Treatments are Covered by my Insurance?

Most insurances cover general checkups and common foot problem treatments, but some insurance plans will make you pay for everything out of pocket until your deductible is met. When you’re supporting a family of 2 or more, this can be daunting. At Arizona Foot Doctors, we show our patients exactly what their insurance covers and develop a treatment plan around that. Everyone’s situation is unique and we prefer to educate you on everything you can do to keep you on your feet. You will never feel pressured in our office and surgery, as mentioned before,  is never our first course of action for anything.

Are AFD’s Cutting Edge Treatments Covered?

The cutting-edge foot pain and prevention treatments we offer aren’t deemed necessary by most insurance companies, so they aren’t covered. However, we price each treatment plan reasonably, giving most patients the ability to pay out-of-pocket or through CareCredit. Before you make the decision, we layout each treatment plan in detail, eliminating any cost surprises you would typically encounter elsewhere.

Scheduling Your Family Podiatry Appointment

Everyone is welcome at Arizona Foot Doctors –  kids, athletes, grandparents, and everyone in between.  To make your life easier, you can book your family’s podiatry appointment online or by phone. If you have any questions beforehand, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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