Fall Prevention Technology

Moore Balance Brace

One out of three seniors will experience a fall at least once each year.

Some of the many risk factors in older adults that can cause balance and fall problems are:

  • Seniors age 65 or older
  • Those with a history of falling
  • Prior history of Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Diabetes or other pre-existing conditions
  • Unsteadiness as a result of vestibular disorders from inner ear imbalance causing dizziness/vertigo
Fall Prevention Tips

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The Moore Balance Brace (MBB) is a prescription custom-made ankle foot orthotic (AFO) worn as a pair that is designed to fit easily into a doctor recommended shoe. The MBB is NOT intended to be worn without a shoe. The MBB is a long term solution to be used in combination with a fall prevention strength training program which may include physical and occupational therapy, making the necessary environmental changes in the home and a review of the patient’s current medications.

Who Can Benefit from the Moore Balance Brace?


  • Patients who have difficulty walking
  • Patients who have fallen in the past or who are at risk for falling
  • Patients with ankle weakness or instability
  • Patients with arthritis in their feet or ankles
  • Patients who have had a stroke, have weakness or dizziness
  • Patients who have poor feeling or numbness in their feet
  • Any patient already using a cane, walker or any other assistive device
Moore Balance Brace

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