Custom foot orthotics

Custom foot orthotics, or insoles, aren’t just for athletes. Individuals of all ages (and lifestyles) can find support and relief by ordering custom orthotics from Arizona Foot Doctors. Our experienced team of foot specialists shapes the “perfect fit” for your custom orthotics by conducting a careful and methodical fitting session. We'll also use the information we find during these sessions to address your foot pain better.

Alleviate pain and prevent future issues with our Scottsdale orthotics

Are you experiencing high levels of foot pain? Need something to stabilize your feet while you’re exercising? Support and correct the shape of your feet with our custom foot orthotics. Our custom insole fitting process is painless and quick, perfect for all members of your family. Schedule your appointment today and get your new foot orthotics in as little as two weeks.

Custom orthotics help individuals who are experiencing the following conditions

  • Sports injuries or foot pain during physical activity
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spurs
  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Pronation
  • Posture issues
  • Neuromas
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Custom-made orthotics from AFD will benefit your feet

Over-the-counter orthotics can provide temporary support, but they won’t bring you the lasting benefits of custom-made (by physicians!) orthotics. Our devices are designed to fit your feet, gently surrounding each groove, supporting your arch and toes. In addition to providing support to these areas, orthotics ordered from our Scottsdale podiatry office strengthen your arch and connective tissue to prevent future pain and injury.

Book your appointment with Arizona Foot Doctors in Scottsdale, Arizona, to learn more about our custom insoles and how they can benefit you.

Provides support for your feet and arches
Delivers stabilization, improving balance and posture
Alleviates foot pain and discomfort
Acts as a preventative measure for common foot problems

Made for children on the go

AFD’s custom foot orthotics are made for children on the go, offering extra support for flat feet and a foundation to improve a child’s overall posture. Whether or not your little one is experiencing foot pain, we strongly recommend investing in children’s foot orthotics every year or two. Custom-fit kid’s orthotics will support your child’s feet throughout daily activities and act as a preventative measure against strains and sprains.

Benefits of orthotics for teenagers

As children reach their tween and teenage years, they’ll start to feel more stress on their feet and lower body. Playing sports, running, and even walking can trigger discomfort and pain. To eliminate this pain and support our teens with day-to-day activities, custom orthotics are recommended. Many teens who wear orthotics throughout their early adult years report improved balance and limited foot discomfort.

Sports orthotics for budding athletes

Budding athletes and active individuals need more control and better leg function to maximize their game. Our custom sports orthotics offer cushion and support to improve balance, posture and reduce foot strains, on and off the field. Additionally, athletes who use AFD’s custom-made (by physicians!) orthotics have a lower risk of injuries while playing sports.

Custom made insoles for pro athletes

Pro athletes spend hours on their feet every day. An insole that offers support, balance, and improved game are optimal! Arizona Foot Doctors provides professional athletes the all-inclusive insoles they’re searching for while providing additional benefits, such as shock absorption, lower leg muscle support, and more. Our orthotics are durable and can last for years, but we recommend that pro athletes order new insoles when they purchase new shoes.

Custom foot orthotics FAQs

Absolutely! Arizona Foot Doctors in Scottsdale makes custom orthotics for kids, teenagers, and adults. The fitting process is quick and painless.

Your new custom foot orthotics can last anywhere between 2–5 years. Timing depends on how much you wear them and why you wear them. (Do you use them daily or just when you’re exercising?) Athletes who use them daily may need to purchase new orthotics every time they buy new shoes. With proper care, our custom foot orthotics can last for years.

If you’re interested in purchasing more than one pair of foot orthotics, let our podiatrist know. If you’re buying another pair of orthotics a year or two down the road, no worries. Ordering another pair will be easy. No need to come in again!

We recommend removing the existing insoles to make more room for your new custom foot orthotics. If your insoles are unremovable, we suggest loosening your shoelaces to make the custom orthotics feel more comfortable.

Give your new foot orthotics time to adjust before removing them. New orthotics will feel odd when you first start wearing them—you’re training your feet to stay in a new, optimal position! The pressure and discomfort you may be feeling at first should go away after you’ve “broken in” the orthotics. Patients typically find more comfort and “break in” their new orthotics after one week. Be sure to follow our instructions to avoid discomfort.

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Choose physician-made foot orthotics at our Scottsdale office

Our custom-made orthotics (designed and manufactured by physicians) will restore your natural foot function while relieving pain and discomfort. While over-the-counter orthotics are an option, custom, quality, and durable insoles will provide unmatched benefits. Schedule your appointment at our Scottsdale orthotics office today!