Bunion treatment

Have a bump on the side of your big toe? Chances are it's a bunion. A bunion (or hallux valgus) grows on the joint of a big toe over a period of time. If it goes untreated, it can push the big toe against the next toe, causing pain and possible deformity. Fortunately, there are non-surgical bunion treatment options available.

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Scottsdale bunion treatment that doesn’t end with painful surgeries or injections

Foot bunions, also known as “hallux valgus,” can be extremely painful, and they can make it unbearable for people to have to walk daily. Thankfully, there are several effective, non-invasive treatment methods available for sufferers. If bunions are making your life difficult and uncomfortable, contact Arizona Foot Doctors in Scottsdale. Our team of bunion specialists will help you explore the best non-invasive and non-surgical options that fit your needs and your lifestyle.

What are bunions?

Bunions, in short, are lumps of bone located on the side of your big toe. They cause extreme foot pain, making even short walks discomforting and painful.

Are non-invasive bunion treatment options available in Scottsdale?

Yes! We offer non-surgical bunion treatment options to help keep you moving. We know that bunion surgery can be disruptive and inconvenient. AFD chooses more natural methods to heal foot pain from bunions.

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How AFD’s bunion treatment options can benefit you

A bunion is more than a bump on your big toe. It’s a disorder that can cause pain, hinder your ability to walk, and make it difficult to find correct footwear. With AFD’s non-invasive bunion approach, you can continue with your schedule and find relief and strength as your foot’s natural shape is restored.

To schedule your appointment at Arizona Foot Doctors, book online or call our offices at (480) 661-7572. Our team of specialists stand ready to help!

Reduced swelling and pain without surgery
Conservative approach to avoid schedule disruptions
Follows preventative best-practices to avoid pain in the future

Shoe evaluation and physical therapy

Ill-fitting shoes, high-heeled shoes, and unsupportive sandals can aggravate bunions and worsen your condition. During your appointment, our bunion specialists will evaluate your shoes and ask questions about the shoes you wear while exercising. To relieve your bunion pain, AFD may recommend you wear specific types of shoes to eliminate pressure on the joint. To provide additional relief on the bunion, in-office physical therapy may be administered to promote healthy growth and toe reshaping.

Custom foot orthotics

With your comfort in mind, we may prescribe custom orthotics or insoles. Customizing insoles to your feet will allow natural reshaping and growth, quickly tackling pain and correcting deformities over time. Orthotics can be worn discreetly, fitting into tennis shoes, dress shoes, and most slip-on shoes. As your bunion treatment progresses, we will prescribe new orthotics to support your toes and feet.

Foot brace to support the toes

Foot braces, when correctly fitted, can provide the perfect amount of compression and support needed to treat your bunion. This aggressive treatment method will provide immediate bunion relief and a natural, non-invasive path to bunion-free living. During your appointment, we’ll find a brace that fits your bunion and your lifestyle.

Bunionectomy or osteotomy

A simple bunionectomy or osteotomy may relieve your problem in a significant way, but it’s your decision if you want to have the surgery. Arizona Foot Doctors will provide all the information (pros, cons, recovery process, etc.) during your appointment. A bunionectomy involves the extraction of the bump, while an osteotomy extracts the bump and realigns the toe joint.

Bunion treatment FAQs

After a visual examination of your toe, our specialists will conduct an x-ray in-office.

A bunion deformity is a progressive condition, so it’s likely to increase in size over time. Addressing the issue quickly and conservatively will help reduce the size of your bunion naturally while preventing bunion pain and appearance in the future.

Yes! Our Scottsdale bunion specialists lean toward non-surgical treatment options, including custom orthotics, braces, and physical therapy.

No! Bunion surgery is an option, but it’s not the only treatment method available at AFD. Surgery is only recommended when you experience extreme pressure on your second toe, restrictive movement of the big toe, or severe pain. Bunions in the early stages can be treated and eliminated with non-invasive methods.

Bunions occur among all age groups. Like adults, children can have structural or genetic irregularities that make it possible for bunions to grow.

Find bunion pain relief without surgery with help from our podiatry experts in Scottsdale

We take a conservative approach to foot pain treatment. Consult with our Scottsdale bunion specialists to learn which bunion treatment options are right for you. Schedule your appointment today by booking online or calling (480) 661-7572.