AminoFix injections for foot and ankle injuries

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Are you suffering or recovering from a sports injury in the foot or ankle? We know that lower leg injuries can be debilitating. Often these conditions make it difficult to walk, let alone get back out to the field. Although anti-inflammatories and braces can serve as effective ankle and foot pain treatment, sometimes they aren’t enough. You can’t simply keep doing the same things and hoping it will eventually fix your ankle pain. Treatment beyond the basics may be just what you need, and that’s where AmnioFix injections come into play.

AmnioFix is a non-surgical pain treatment to help treat and prevent sports injuries. With AmnioFix, powderized amniotic fluid (commonly used in stem cell treatments) is combined with an anesthetic and then injected into the injured area. The fluid not only serves to reduce inflammation, but build-up also reduces the build-up of scar time and improves your recovery time. These benefits make AmnioFix a premiere ankle, heel , and foot pain treatment.

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Stay on your game with cutting edge care

For an athlete, there’s nothing more frustrating than forced time off. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing professional ball or pick up games at the park, nobody wants to be left on the sidelines because of foot pain. Treatment with AmnioFix injections is on the cutting edge of sports medicine.

AmnioFix injections are a non-surgical option for active players that want to quickly heal their ankle or foot injury and improve their performance. This treatment encourages healing and tissue growth in the injured area, which is more effective than simple ankle pain treatment with pain and anti-inflammatory medication.

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Combat common foot injuries and problems

The world of sports medicine has developed a variety of treatments for the different injuries a doctor expects to see in athletes. When it comes to lower leg injuries, AmnioFix injections are a solution to many potential pains. AmnioFix is available for injuries to your Achilles tendon, including Achilles’ tendinitis and tendinosis. It also provides a foot pain treatment option for those dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Your doctor may also recommend an AmnioFix ankle pain treatment for a sprain or bursitis.

How to know if Amnio injections are right for you

You should always consult with your podiatrist or primary care physician to find the best foot and ankle pain treatment plan for you. There are several factors to consider when determining if AmnioFix is the right option for you to prevent sports injuries and help with recovery. Although your doctor will ultimately help you to decide, there are some common indicators that show AmnioFix is likely your best bet:

  • You are suffering from a foot, ankle, or heel injury, which causes pain as a result of inflammation.
  • You have tried treatments, including anti-inflammatory medications, braces, and physical therapy; however, they have not provided you with the pain and inflammation relief you were hoping for.
  • You have already reached your doctor-recommended limit on steroid-based treatments, or are looking for a non-steroid ankle or foot pain treatment option.

If you’re searching for a skilled and experienced podiatrist, contact Dr. Steven Burns at Arizona Foot Doctors. Dr. Burns has over 35 years of experience treating common foot problems and advanced sports injuries related to the foot, ankle, and heel. Our team is dedicated to your health and comfort.

What to expect with AminoFix injections

AmnioFix injections are a simple, outpatient procedure. You don’t have to worry about spending a night at the hospital or any other prolonged spell with your doctor. The site of your injection may remain tender for two to three days following the injection. If you experience pain from the treatment, it can be moderated with the application of ice. Elevating your injured ankle also helps to minimize discomfort in the days following treatment. Physical therapy may also be suggested as a complement to your AmnioFix treatment.

AmnioFix leads the pack for non-surgical pain treatment

If you’ve been injured and can no longer play the sports you love, it’s time to take action. The injections offered by Arizona Foot Doctors is a non-surgical pain treatment which helps you recover not just more quickly but more completely, helping to prevent sports injuries from recurring in the future. AmnioFix is the best option for a quick and long-lasting recovery when it comes to foot pain treatment or ankle pain treatment.

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