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At AFD, we take foot care seriously, applying our experience and compassion to ensure your family is receiving the best treatment possible from our podiatrists in Scottsdale.

About our foot care practice in Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona Foot Doctors (AFD) is Scottsdale's choice preventative and regenerative foot care clinic for growing families and active individuals.

At Arizona Foot Doctors, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best treatment possible for your family. We offer conservative and effective foot care delivered with compassion, transparency, and ethics. Our Medical Director, Dr. Steven Burns, started his first podiatry practice over 35 years ago and continues to provide excellent service and cutting-edge treatments that fit into our patients’ busy lifestyles.

Arizona Foot Doctors is networked with the best medical professionals who are all dedicated to your family’s health and well-being. Find foot and ankle pain relief and learn about our preventative treatments by contacting our friendly Scottsdale team today!

We provide care for the whole family in Scottsdale

A healthy family starts with proper medical care and preventative strategies. Our team at Arizona Foot Doctors will educate your family and make each little one feel comfortable before, during, and after each visit to our Scottsdale podiatry office. If you have a family of 2 or more, ask about our unique scheduling options and packaged treatment plans. For adults or children suffering from foot pain, we offer a variety of non-invasive treatment options that allow you to stay “on your feet” without missing a day of school or work.

We help our Scottsdale podiatry patients find foot pain relief & prevent future conditions

Preventative foot care

Just like your semi-annual visit to the dentist, you should be visiting the podiatrist on a regular basis. These appointments allow our skilled physicians to find and flag potential foot problems before any become a significant issue and to develop a personalized plan to keep your feet healthy. At Arizona Foot Doctors, our Scottsdale podiatrists offer preventative treatment plans for children, teens, adults, and seniors alike.

Custom foot orthotics

Our custom foot orthotics are made specifically for your feet! Using high-quality material and advanced scanning technology, we’ll design and order custom insoles that support your arch, heel, and foot in the places that need it most. This level of customization will help limit your foot and ankle pain and reduce future injuries. As part of our preventative care plan, we also offer custom orthotics for active kids at our podiatry office in Scottsdale.

Sports injury care and prevention

We look beyond medication when it comes to treating and preventing sports injuries around the foot and ankle. Many of our alternative pain treatment methods include custom orthotics, braces and splints, laser therapy, AmnioFix, and more. For active kids, teens, and adults, we offer a variety of cutting-edge treatments designed to strengthen ankle and foot tissues while promoting healthy blood flow.

Common foot problem treatment

Foot pain can be debilitating. Our Scottsdale podiatrists treat the following foot problems through our cutting-edge and advanced methods of care: bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, sore foot, plantar warts, bunions, diabetes mellitus, and more. Our patients experience immediate pain relief, long-lasting care, and comfort when they visit our Scottsdale podiatry clinic.

Ankle braces and splints

Surgery isn’t always the answer if you’re experiencing sore heels, toes, ankles, or feet. To provide immediate relief and extra support for your feet, we offer medical-grade ankle braces and splints you can pick up right away. When you come in to pick up your footwear from our Scottsdale podiatry office, we’ll also determine the best plan of action and treatment when it comes to your aching feet.

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If you’re experiencing any foot pain, heel pain, or ankle pain, contact our Scottsdale podiatry group for immediate care and relief. We’re dedicated to providing the best treatment possible for you and your family, incorporating cutting-edge treatments that allow you to get back on your feet right away.

When you visit Arizona Foot Doctors, you can feel confident knowing that you’re receiving compassionate, honest care. We’re transparent with our work and will provide you with the information you need to make decisions that are best for you and your kids. From identifying the problem to developing a custom preventative treatment plan, Arizona Foot Doctors is here for you!

What our patients are saying

Dr. Burns and his staff provide excellent advice and service. After my ankle injury, I struggled with ongoing pain and immobility for over a year while under care at Mayo Clinic. My primary care physician recommended a change in medical care. After my initial consultation and review of my MRI report, Dr. Burns immediately began cold laser treatment on my ankle, which is back to full ability. Dr Burns is a true professional. 10 STARS. Thank you!

Brad Mortz, verified patient ★★★★★

Dr Burns was wonderful.  There was very minimal wait, I think I was only in the waiting room a couple minutes after filling out my paperwork before I was called back. Dr Burns spent an appropriate amount of time collecting information from my reason for coming. I never felt rushed. This is a smaller practice, so I think they are better able to spend time with their patients. I would highly recommend Dr Burns to anyone with foot or ankle problems.

–  Jennifer M., verified ZocDoc patient ★★★★★

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